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Jinher handles the ENTIRE process from outsourcing the materials to encapsulation, bottling, labeling, packaging, and shipping. We encapsulate ANYTHING including powders, vitamins, and holistic formulas.

Gelatin Capsules use collagen (a soft protein that connects the muscles, tendons, skin, and bones of cows) to protect your formulation. They also add Glycine and Proline along with protein, providing additional health benefits.  


Vegetarian Capsules have a 100% vegetarian shell that works as well as any gelatin-based capsule. *Free of animal by-products, BSE, GMO, and gelatin, gluten, and starches*  


Pullulan: Produced by the fermentation of sugar and starch by the fungus Aerobasidum pullulans, this water-soluble polysaccharide is similar to the HPMC capsule, except that it is 100% natural.   


Colored Capsules: Accent neutral-colored formulations, using different colors that can trigger a positive emotional response with your product. They also help customers differentiate supplements. 

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