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Jinher handles the ENTIRE process from outsourcing the materials to encapsulation, bottling, labeling, packaging, and shipping. We encapsulate ANYTHING including powders, vitamins, and holistic formulas.

We can manufacture customized tablets of all types, sizes, shapes, and color coatings. 

Our powder manufacturing facility is equipped with V-blenders, so your supplement powder will be produced uniformly. Powders are traditionally sold in jars or bottles but other options such as gusset bags, single dose packets, and stick packs are also available.

We source your materials and help with bottling selection. Along with your bottle and cap, we insert desiccant packs to preserve your product.

Get pricing for our surplus of stock items available for discounted rates, in bulk, unlabeled, or send us your own label designs to be applied in house.

Our professional IN-HOUSE marketing team can take care of your label design and printing. We can use your own design or help you create one.

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